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Data Scientist and HPC Systems Administrator


Over 10 years of research experience analyzing data of all scales and formats. Well published in a wide variety of fields.


Maintained a 7,000+ core Linux high-performance compute (HPC) cluster using automation and virtualization technologies (e.g., Cobbler, Ansible, KVM).


Available as an independent consultant on select projects as my schedule allows.

I started my career as a research fellow at the National Institutes of Health studying insertional mutagenesis in Zebrafish. At the Broad Institute I was a data analyst on The Cancer Genome Atlas project, processing next-generation sequencing data on tumors. I'm currently a senior consultant in the research computing group at Harvard Medical School where I configure and maintain a HPC cluster for biomedical research. I also pursue independent research studying large-scale EHR data.

I graduated from Johns Hopkins University and the University of Maryland. I also trained in graduate-level computer science at Harvard University and the Georgia Institute of Technology. I possess several technical credentials including a graduate certificate in data science from Harvard University.

I'm grateful to have had my work supported with grants, scholarships, or other funding through the years by the University of Maryland, the National Institutes of Health, the Johns Hopkins University, Clemson University, the Linux Foundation, ACM-SIGHPC, the Open Science Data Cloud, and many others.


Detailed information coming soon.


No current blog entries.



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